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Mercedes-Benz car subscription service now offers an AMG-only tier

Fancy a subscription of only the top performing Mercedes-badged vehicles? That's a thing now.

Yep, this is included.
Andrew Krok/Roadshow

Mercedes-Benz hears you, gearheads. There's a clamoring for more Mercedes-AMG models for its car subscription service, and you know what? The German automaker has delivered.

Now, as part of the Collection car subscription service, subscribers have access to a tier of vehicles solely made of Mercedes-AMG models, appropriately titled the AMG-Exclusive tier. The brand said on Wednesday the decision comes after numerous subscribers voiced a desire for more AMG options in the subscription ladder. And lo, Mercedes-Benz went ahead and added 11 of them.

As for what specific models are available, the tier doesn't disappoint. There's everything from the AMG GT63 four-door coupe, the E63 S wagon and yes, even the AMG GT Roadster. Subscribers will find the entire tier made up of GT and 63-level vehicles.

Naturally, the AMG-Exclusive tier is the most expensive of the options. The Collection service starts at $1,095 a month for the Signature tier and climbs to $2,995 a month for the Reserve tier. Signature provides access to the more tame stable of Mercedes-Benz models, while the Reserve option unlocks some more powerful and luxurious models, such as a C63 S sedan, a G550 SUV or an SL550 roadster. Opting for the AMG-Exclusive tier will cost a cool $3,595 a month. That's the price you pay for performance at a moment's notice, I suppose.

For now, the tier is only available in Atlanta, unlike the other Collection tiers. The program lives in Nashville and Philadelphia, too. Every tier bundles essentials such as insurance, vehicle maintenance and delivery with a concierge service. In addition, subscribers have 24/7 roadside assistance on call and zero mileage caps on the cars.

For those ready to live the luxurious life of car swapping, it'll cost $495 to activate the account. Then, hopping into a new car will be as simple as trading in a new phone.

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