Mercedes-AMG GT sedan looks hot (literally) in pre-Geneva teasers

Bright green flames are an interesting choice for camouflage.

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Mercedes-AMG GT sedan teaser
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Mercedes-AMG GT sedan teaser

I doubt the flames will be available on the production model, but here's hoping.


Automakers regularly gussy up their not-yet-unveiled vehicles in camera-dazzling camouflage, so that the cars can be tested on public roads without giving anything away. Mercedes-AMG went for something a bit flashier.

On the eve of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes-AMG threw out another batch of teasers for its GT performance sedan, a four-door variant of the GT sports coupe. Instead of opting for a traditional camouflage pattern, Mercedes-AMG went with a flat black body covered in bright green flames.

Did anybody tell Mercedes that the show is in Geneva and not in Flavortown?

The camo doesn't give us much in the way of hints that we haven't already put together. The rear end looks like it'll be a mix of the new CLS-Class and the GT coupe, whereas the front end takes on a more angular appearance that's mirrored in Mercedes-Benz's newest cars like the A-Class.

While it would make sense to shove the GT coupe's 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 into its sedan sibling, there's a chance something way wilder could make an appearance. The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept tied that engine to a hybrid system that produced a net 805 horsepower. The optimist in me is hoping that combo makes it to production, but we'll find out for sure in less than a fortnight.

Mercedes-AMG GT sedan camo is fit for Guy Fieri

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