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Four-door Mercedes-AMG GT will debut in Geneva

Whether you call it a "sedan" or a "four-door coupe," Mercedes' latest AMG GT will no doubt be rad.

Mercedes-AMG GT Sedan
The production AMG GT sedan will debut one year after Mercedes showed the original four-door GT concept.

Mercedes' four-door AMG GT Concept was one of the highlights of last year's Geneva Motor Show. So we're pretty darn stoked to learn that a production version will debut in just a few weeks.

Three images, available in the gallery below, accompany a short announcement from Mercedes-Benz, confirming the company's plans to show the four-door GT at the 2018 Geneva show.

Shortly before its world premiere in Geneva, numerous trial vehicles of the new, four-door Mercedes-AMG sports car are undergoing testing all over the world. With the new model, the sports car and performance brand in Affalterbach is adding a four-door coupe to the AMG GT family.

Mercedes will undoubtedly call this a "four-door coupe."


This might not "just" be a four-door GT, either. Remember, the 2017 Geneva concept was actually a hybrid, wearing EQ Power+ graphics. With the combination of a 4.0-liter biturbo V8 and an electric motor at the rear axle, the GT Concept was said to have as much as 805 horsepower and be capable of sprinting to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

Whether or not that performance lunacy comes to fruition on the production AMG GT sedan remains to be seen. But given Mercedes put 48-volt hybrid technology in its latest 53 AMG models, we won't rule out some sort of electrification for this new brute.

Expect the production car to look similar to the concept, too. The aggressive nose and understated rear end appear to have carried over largely unchanged. Of course, the side-mounted cameras have been replaced by actual DOT-approved mirrors. And thankfully, those horrible (and massive) chrome wheels are nowhere to be found.

Check back for the full four-door AMG GT details in just a few weeks.