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McMurray wins Daytona 500

In case you missed it, here's the final minutes of the 2010 Daytona 500. In the end, Jamie McMurray won the race in a thrilling finish.

The 2010 Nascar season got off to a wild start this month when the Budweiser Shootout practice at Daytona International Speedway was marred by some nasty multicar collisions. That hoopla only stirred the pot that much more for the build-up to the Daytona 500 that took place Sunday. If you're a betting man, the safe money on "who ya got" to win would probably have been Dale Earnhardt Jr., or last year's competition-killer and reigning Nascar champion Jimmie Johnson. But as the Daytona 500 unfolded, we learned that an upset was in the works as Jamie McMurray got the checkered flag at this career-defining event.

We jump into the action in the final minutes of the race. Earnhardt Jr.'s advantageous start at second position helped him stay toward the front of the pack most of the race. In this final stage of the race, Earnhardt looks poised to take over as the forerunner, but Jamie McMurray pushes his way to the front and gets the lead for the final two laps and setting him up to finish first. An interesting note: McMurray's win with only leading two laps in the entire race is a record for the Daytona 500 as the least amount of laps a driver led the race and eventually won. With some victory donuts and tire smoking at the end, it was a sweet night indeed for McMurray.