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McLaren's three-seat hypercar is already sold out, naturally

If you want one, you'll have to pay through the wazoo on the secondhand market.

A while back, there were several unfounded rumors that McLaren was building a new three-seat hypercar. Now, not only has McLaren confirmed its existence, it's also given us a few salient details.

It may have a name, but all we know for now is its internal designation -- BP23. McLaren claims it will be the most powerful and aerodynamic McLaren ever built for the road. That's a lofty goal, but given McLaren's dedication to engineering, it's not at all surprising.

This is the first we've seen of the BP23, and it's looking good.


If you're thinking about picking one up, stop thinking right now. McLaren will build just 106 examples of the BP23 -- the same production volume as McLaren's venerable F1 -- and every single one is already sold out. Buying one at this point will require patience, way too much money and maybe a ticket to a Mecum auction.

Members of the lucky 106 will work with McLaren Special Operations, the automaker's in-house customization division, to finalize color choices, interior trim materials and other bits that can be tailored to the buyer's tastes.

There's still no word yet on powertrains or anything like that, because the car is still in development.

We've still got a ways ahead of us before this car hits the market. McLaren expects the first deliveries to take place in 2019, so I wouldn't wager on seeing this car at an auto show until 2018.