McLaren to unveil Ultimate Series P15 hypercar on Dec. 10

McLaren has been rather quiet about its quasi-follow-up to the P1, but that'll soon change.


We already know that McLaren's new Ultimate Series sports car and spiritual successor of sorts to the P1, codenamed P15, is going to be fast. And now we know when it'll be unveiled.

McLaren will unveil the P15, presumably along with its real name, on December 10. It will be the latest entry in McLaren's Ultimate Series, which is its top tier of vehicles, currently occupied with just two variants of the P1 hybrid hypercar that debuted earlier this decade.

McLaren also threw out another teaser, this time showcasing the P15's rear end -- or part of it, at least.


McLaren promises that the P15 will be the ultimate track car, but beyond just that basic bit of information, we're still in the dark. In terms of an engine, McLaren could rely on a variant of the 4.0-liter V8 in the 720S, or it could develop something entirely new. We'll find out for sure in just a couple weeks.

Correction, November 17: This article originally referred to the car in question as the BP23 hypercar. The BP23 is actually a separate hypercar within McLaren's Ultimate Series. This teaser refers to the P15, and the text has been adjusted to reflect that.