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McLaren recalls supercars, including Senna, over fire risk

A foam pad underneath the fuel tank can retain moisture, corrode the fuel tank and cause a leak.

Yes, the Senna too.


Even supercars aren't immune to recalls, and some McLaren owners in the US will soon need to take their prized vehicles to a service center.

McLaren said in documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration it will recall 2,763 cars due to a fire risk. The recall affects the 2016-2020 720S, 2017-2019 570GT and even the brand new 2020 GT. The company's track master, the $1 million McLaren Senna, is also included in the recall.

According to the British carmaker, a foam pad meant to reduce noise and vibrations situated under the fuel tank can hold moisture. Eventually, the pad may corrode the fuel tank and cause a fuel leak. Any time there's a fuel leak in the presence of ignition, there's a chance of a fire. However, McLaren said any fuel escaping will funnel into a "cool" part of the car and not near the exhaust or powertrain. Nevertheless, a recall is necessary.

The company has a fix ready for each car except the GT, so those owners will need to hang tight for now. For the 720S, 570GT and Senna, a McLaren technician will simply remove the foam pad from the cars. Technicians will also inspect each car's fuel tank for damage and replace the tank if necessary.

It's not clear when the recall will begin, but in the meantime, owners should take notice if they smell gasoline near their cars.

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