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McLaren Senna supercar recalled over stall risk

Wires in the engine harness may become damaged over time and lead to a sudden loss of engine power.

2019 McLaren Senna
Even supercars can have problems.

The McLaren Senna is hardly a mass-produced car, but a group of owners will need to visit their local dealers soon due to a recall.

According to documents filed with NHTSA, McLaren is set to recall the Senna supercar over chafing wires. If the wires become damaged, they could allow the engine to stall. Specifically, the engine harness could come in contact with a metal link pipe heat shield. Over time, the wires may rub against the component and wear down. In total, 129 Senna supercars are involved in the recall -- that's all of the Senna models built before Aug. 8 that were sold in the US.

Owners may suddenly experience a loss of engine power or a full-blown engine stall, which increases the risk of a crash. A secondary issue could be unburnt fuel in the catalyst, which may increase temperatures and potentially rupture the exhaust system. Aside from the very obvious loss of power, drivers will receive a dashboard warning and potentially an audio chime to correspond with one of the issues, should they occur.

Although McLaren hasn't produced a notification timeline for owners, the remedy is a simple one. Owners will need to take their Senna to a dealer where a technician will reroute the engine harness. All work will be completed free of charge.

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