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McLaren teases a Lego version of the Senna

The plastic "prototype" was designed for "frequent reassembly."

McLaren Lego teaser
That wing looks awfully similar to the one on the Senna...

The engineers at McLaren Automotive are keeping busy, with the 720S Spider set to debut this weekend, a high-performance Senna GTR on the way and the extreme new Speedtail. But it turns out they've also been working on a much smaller project, as shown in a new teaser photo and video.

The new creation is a small Lego car, which McLaren says was "spotted testing" at a toy store in London. Designed from "interlocking bricks" rather than carbon-fiber, McLaren promises that the car was "engineered for frequent reassembly." You know, like every Lego car. Though it wears camouflage graphics and only small glimpses have been shown, the Lego creation appears to be a scaled-down version of the Senna. Such a car is, in fact, already listed for sale on Lego's US website, somewhat spoiling McLaren's teasing campaign

While the regular McLaren Senna is able to sprint to 60 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds and go on to a top speed of 211 mph, the Lego version will be a fair bit tamer: Top speed: well, about as fast as your wrist can shove it. And where the real car was limited to just 500 units, we're guessing that Lego will sell far more units of its version.

Either way, the newest Lego McLaren model is scheduled to be fully revealed in January and is a follow up to the McLaren 720S Lego Speed Champions set, which retails for $14.99. McLaren also partnered up with Lego in 2017 to build a life-size version of the 720S at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.