McLaren P1 GTR by MSO pays homage to Senna's first F1 championship

The 21st-century tradition of reimagining now-gauche tobacco liveries continues.

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Just because McLaren has a car called the Senna doesn't mean it's incapable of giving some Ayrton flavor to its other vehicles.

McLaren Special Operations has just unveiled its latest creation, a bespoke commission meant to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ayrton Senna's first Formula 1 World Championship. Of course, the livery isn't a perfect recreation of the one found on Senna's MP4/4 -- it's no longer cool to tout tobacco in motorsport, and the MP4/4 had Marlboro's name all over it.

Thus, the final result is a little different. While the red and white paint is spot on, the Marlboro name has been nixed in favor of the bar code Marlboro started running when tobacco advertising was restricted. There's a Senna Brand trademark in the livery, in addition to Brazilian flags and Senna's race number.

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Even without the name on there, it's still one of the most recognizable racing liveries ever made.


But the livery isn't the only unique thing about this P1 GTR. In the engine bay, there's a gold heat shield and special engine bay covers. Power is up to a level the owner calls "suitably pleasing."

To match the additional engine power, McLaren also modified the P1 GTR's body. New aerodynamics, including a wider front splitter, new front canards and a Gurney flap out back, increase the total downforce to 800 kilograms (nearly 1,800 pounds). The rear wing also has larger end plates to more closely resemble Senna's MP4/4 wing.

MSO didn't forget about the interior. The steering wheel has been color matched to the MP4/4, and Senna's signature and quotes are displayed on the car's door sill. There's Senna branding all over the place, and the seats have been swapped out in favor of the seats from the McLaren Senna. The owner even commissioned a crash helmet to match the car's livery.

This Senna-inspired McLaren P1 GTR is more than just some flashy livery

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