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McLaren needs your help to build a life-size Lego 720S at Goodwood

When it's done, it'll weigh more than a standard 720S.

Seeing life-size, 1:1-scale Lego models is always a treat, but rare is the occasion when the builder asks the public to help finish the project.

At this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, which starts on Thursday in the UK and is a four-day event that celebrates humanity's love of driving fast, McLaren will ask the public to help complete a 1:1-scale 720S supercar. The goal is to have the whole thing put together by the end of the festival on Sunday. The majority of the work will involve the orange bricks that comprise its body panels.

Aw, darn, they already put the badge on.


This Lego model started with a steel frame, and it took a team of six workers more than 2,000 hours to put the whole thing together. The model already sports some 267,300 bricks, and it's expected that the public will add another 12,700. When it's all said and done, it will weigh "no less than" 1.6 metric tons, which is actually more than the standard 720S' 1.3-metric-ton curb weight.

In order to create this model, McLaren shared CAD data with Lego's Speed Champions team in Denmark. It's one hell of an interactive display, and it's the closest you'll likely get to bolting together a real McLaren -- unless you want to move to McLaren's home town of Woking and hop on the line full-time.