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McLaren can't stop building adorable 'cars' for children

The latest one runs on the power of parenting -- or whatever's left over from parenting.


The only McLarens that I can afford are the ones that I can't fit in. Now, the British automaker has yet another creation that I will most certainly break if I attempt to use it.

The McLaren 570S Push Sports Car is a pretty straightforward toy. The kid sits in the car, and the parents use their own energy (whatever's left of it, at least) to push said kid around. There's a storage area under the seat, and like so many actual cars, there are multiple cup holders inside for juice and such.



You're not going to get working electronics, fake engine noise or anything like that here -- it's appealing to a much younger audience, one that probably won't even remember that they spent time in a McLaren 570S Push, even though that's almost certainly a memory worth keeping.

Best of all, it's pretty darn cheap. When it goes on sale through Amazon in September, the McLaren 570S Push will cost $80.

That's a far cry from the $485 or so it would cost to get McLaren's other kids toy, the Ride-On McLaren P1. That one is for slightly older children, as it packs an electric motor that takes it up to a breakneck pace of 3 mph. No matter what, both are significantly less expensive than even the cheapest McLaren, the 570S, which starts around $189,000.