The McLaren BC-03 is supposedly its next limited-run supercar

Photos leaked to Instagram show a wild supercar.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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McLaren Vision Gran Turismo concept

Pictured is the Vision Gran Turismo concept, but the BC-03 supercar takes plenty of cues.


doesn't appear ready to slow its roll in the near future. Fresh off the debut of the GT, new images leaked to Instagram show the McLaren BC-03 supercar. It's wild because, well, it seems to channel the company's Vision Gran Turismo concept car.

The leaked pics popped up on the Instagram page titled "Car Design World." Rumored information attached to the photos is a production run of just five cars and a total of 1,150 horsepower. Yowza. But, let's talk about this design. The swoopy fenders obviously echo the gorgeous McLaren Vision Gran Turismo concept. At the rear, the big wing further recalls the Gran Turismo concept with thin LED lights stretching up the fins. The front fascia isn't anywhere as dramatic as the digital-only concept car and appears to take its look almost directly from the McLaren Senna.

When reached for comment, McLaren did not provide a statement on the photos, nor claim they're legitimate. "McLaren Special Operations (MSO) works on a variety of unique customer projects at any given time and we don't comment on these projects or speculation about them," a representative told Roadshow.

With looks that appear based on the Senna, it's easy to imagine this limited-run supercar sharing the former's underpinnings. Borrowing its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine also seems very doable. Something powerful has to be sitting under the expressively styled engine cover, and this is a McLaren, after all.

One interesting point: the Vision Gran Turismo concept was a hybrid. It's not certain, but the BC-03 may have more ties to the concept than simply its design if there's some sort of electrification going on. With such a low rumored production number, perhaps the BC-03 could prove as something of a rolling test bed for McLaren's future electrification efforts. The company plans to go 100% hybrid by 2025.

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