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McLaren and JVC Kenwood team up to create a tech-laden supercar concept

After starting with a base McLaren 675LT, the Japanese electronics giant loaded it up with some trick gadgetry.

McLaren x JVC Kenwood Concept
That steering wheel looks positively lovely, but you'd better hope you don't get into an accident. We don't exactly see an airbag in there...

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If you want confirmation that CES' automotive reach is expanding exponentially, look no further than McLaren's alliance with JVC Kenwood. The two companies took an already-crazy car and took it one step further, incorporating technology that could very well end up in standard passengers cars.

Since McLaren sold all 500 of its production-spec 675LT models, the company rolled out a prototype to serve as the concept's base. Macca put plenty of its own touches on the car first, crafting an interior from new materials and borrowing the steering wheel from the track-only P1 GTR.

JVC Kenwood, meanwhile, replaced the entire instrument cluster with a single head-up display, helping to mitigate driver distraction. The electronics company also replaced both the side-view and rear-view mirrors with cameras, the results of which are displayed on a high-mounted screen. McLaren claims this new, wide-angle view of the road behind will cut down on blind spots.

Better yet, the side-mounted cameras actually reduce the vehicle's curb weight, improving its power-to-weight ratio and efficiency (however slightly). Will you be able to buy one? Hell, no. Replacing mirrors with cameras isn't road-legal in the US just yet. But it gives us a good idea of what's to come, so long as Congress can keep up.

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Here's lookin' at you, kid.



Save for a few aesthetic tweaks and those side mirrors, the 675LT's exterior is largely untouched.