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This is McLaren's version of a 'budget' race car

The 570S GT4 will become the cheapest way into a track-only McLaren.


McLaren already has track-only variants of its two most expensive cars, the P1 and the 650S. Now, it's time to extend that honor to its newest model, the 570S. Enter the 570S GT4.

The 570S GT4 will spend one year competing in the British GT championship with the Black Bull Ecurie Ecosse team before privateers are able to have a go. The car's been developed in conjunction with McLaren's motorsport division and CRS GT Limited, which has a great deal of experience in GT racing (as the name suggests).

The GT4 builds upon the same carbon-fiber monocoque that's in the street car, along with its V-8 engine and seven-speed sequential transmission. From there, many modifications were made in order to get it race ready, including a roll cage, air jacks, center-locking wheels and two-way adjustable dampers. The street car's aluminum panels have been swapped out for ones with a bit of carbon fiber to keep the weight as low as possible.

While this might be McLaren's idea of a budget racecar, the 570S GT4 sure ain't cheap. Once it's homologated for all GT4 racing, it'll set a team back £159,900 per car (directly converted, about $226,000). There will also be a 570S Sprint version available for racers that aren't keen on GT4 specifically, but McLaren has yet to offer up any details on that one.

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