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Mazda signals new sports car with Tokyo concept

Mazda has released a teaser photo of a concept car to be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, signaling its intention to produce a new sports car in the tradition of the RX models.

Mazda released this teaser photo of a concept car it will unveil during the Tokyo Motor Show. Mazda

Mazda fans have been hoping for the rebirth of the RX model, and a new concept car could signal its return. A teaser photo hints at what the new concept will look like ahead of its unveiling at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Of the new concept, the Japanese automaker notes that it appears to "condense Mazda's entire history of sports car development into a single model".

Like the RX-7 and RX-8, the teaser photo shows a gran turismo-style car, marked by a long nose and two-door cab over the back half of the body. The body lines show very smooth curves, and the back glass bubbles up in a unique way.

No engine specs or other information was released with the photo.

Although just a concept, Mazda has room for a sports car above the MX-5/Miata in its line-up. The company showed off the Koeru concept at the recent Frankfurt auto show, which could be the next CX-9 and shows Mazda's current penchant for building production-intent concepts.

The Tokyo Motor Show runs from October 30 to November 8. The Mazda sports concept will be unveiled during the press preview day on October 28.