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Mazda MX-30 plug-in hybrid complete with rotary generator still on

Mazda confirmed with Roadshow the rotary generator will still be onboard the PHEV when it launches, contrary to previous reports.

It's still happening.


Don't sweat, rotary fans. Mazda still plans for the funky engine to return in a new form. Mazda on Tuesday confirmed with Roadshow that the upcoming MX-30 plug-in hybrid is still a go, and it will launch with a rotary generator as promised. The confirmation follows a Sunday report from Automotive News explaining the automaker put the rotary range extender project on hold.

A Mazda spokesperson told Roadshow, "I can confirm next year's launch timing for the Mazda MX-30 plug-in hybrid EV is not delayed. The MX-30 plug-in hybrid will operate as a series plug-in hybrid with a rotary generator."

According to the initial report, citing Japanese media reports, Mazda scrapped plans altogether for the rotary range extender due to cost. The report said the MX-30 would have required a larger battery to make the powertrain system work, leading to a higher-than-expected price tag. The spokesperson did not speak directly to these details and only confirmed a rotary is still the plan for the brand's cutesy plug-in hybrid.

The MX-30 will first launch in the US in a battery-electric flavor, initially in California, this fall. Then, the crossover will make its way across the rest of the country. Next year, the plug-in hybrid will launch. Despite the rotary engine onboard, it will never directly power the wheels. Instead, it'll fire up to charge the battery when needed. Range estimates for the plug-in aren't available yet, but the MX-30 EV does 124 miles on a full battery on foreign test cycles. It could be lower on the EPA cycle, so don't expect the car to smash records, but do expect a lot of style from the car in any flavor.