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Mazda offers free service for health care workers -- regardless of make

Mazda doesn't care what you drive; if you're on the coronavirus front lines, the company wants to thank you.

Mazda wants to say thanks.
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Health care workers are some of the most important individuals in this new coronavirus era, and almost everywhere you look, companies and institutions are just trying to say thank you. That includes Mazda.

The automaker said on Wednesday its new Essential Car Care Service will provide health care workers with free oil changes and enhanced car cleaning free of charge. The best part is anyone eligible doesn't have to drive a Mazda. The company couldn't care less about what make and model car a doctor, nurse or other worker drives -- it's just a small gesture to perhaps take one less thing off health care workers' shoulders.

The program actually began at the dealer level, but Mazda corporate took notice and turned the program into a nationwide operation. Dealers will service nearly any make and model for an oil change and clean vehicle cabins with Mazda and EPA-approved disinfectants for those on the COVID-19 front lines. All a health care worker needs to show is a workplace ID or paystub to prove they're part of the industry.

Mazda said the program is available at every dealer that decides to opt into the program, so it's best to call a local dealer to see if they're offering the benefit. But it sounds like a fair amount already undertook the token of appreciation. The program kicks of April 16 and runs through May 4.

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