Mazda adds 156,000 more cars to Takata airbag recall

Passenger-side airbag inflators can explode, sending shrapnel into the car.

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The 2010-2015 Mazda CX-9 is among the 156,000 vehicles added to the Takata airbag recall.


The Takata airbag recall was already seemingly never-ending, but now Mazda has piled another 156,000 vehicles on this raging recall dumpster fire, according to The Car Connection.

Specifically, 2010-2013 Mazda 6 sedans , 2010-2012 CX-7s, 2010-2015 and the 2011 got added to the list of affected vehicles that has now climbed to around 40 million and has plagued manufacturers from all over the world.

Just in case you're somehow not aware of what the Takata airbag recall is at this point, it stems from faulty airbag inflator modules that were installed in many millions of cars that can, upon deployment, shatter and turn into shrapnel. An airbag that acts as an anti-personnel grenade is not a good thing.

This latest round of recalls is slightly different in that it specifically affects the passenger-side airbag inflators. Mazda is only recalling some models from states that have a great deal of humidity and large temperature swings because that allegedly exacerbates the inflator problem.

Owners of affected vehicles can expect to see a notice from Mazda in mid-November and, like all recalls, the repair is free. If you've gotten a notice or own one of the vehicles listed, don't be a jerk, get your car fixed.

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