Mazda recalls 2018 CX-5 SUVs for airbags that may not work right

Thankfully, the issue is limited to a small number of vehicles.

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In the meantime, just don't roll the thing, OK?


As much praise as we may heap on some cars, they're still not immune to recalls. Case in point, the Mazda CX-5.

Mazda has issued a recall for 682 examples of the 2018 CX-5 SUV. The problem stems from a manufacturing error. Some vehicles may have side curtain airbags that, due to this error, might not inflate correctly in the event of a crash. Mazda says that this may increase the risk of injury to passengers involved in rollovers that require curtain airbag deployment.

Thankfully, the automaker has received no reports of accidents or injuries stemming from this issue.

Given the small number of vehicles affected -- representing about 4.8 percent of a single month's worth of sales -- it's safe to say that Mazda quickly caught and remedied the issue. It did not lay out a specific repair plan, but when the time comes, owners will have to make a trip to the dealer to have the repair applied for free. Owners will receive a notification via first-class mail.

Aside from the recall, the Mazda CX-5 has proven to be an exceedingly safe vehicle. In 2017, the CX-5 earned the IIHS' highest honor, Top Safety Pick+. That was downgraded in 2018 to the second-best Top Safety Pick, because that was the year that the IIHS started including headlight ratings in its rankings, and the best the CX-5 could muster in that category was an "Acceptable" rating.

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