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Maybach: Choice Car of NFL Players

In part 3 of my look at cars that NFL players like to drive, we take a look at the newest edition of Mercedes-Benz's Maybach called the Maybach Zeppelin.


For Day 3 of my look at the cars that NFL stars like to drive, I did a little research, and through various articles I've read and videos I have seen, it seems that the Maybach from Mercedes-Benz is very popular with the well-paid NFL players. Since I am not particularly familiar with the Maybach and its popularity amongst pro athletes, I took it upon myself to find some video featuring the Maybach, and what we got here is a video featuring a new edition of this fancy ride called the Maybach Zeppelin.

This video comes from the good guys at as produced from the 2009 Geneva Auto Show. The Zeppelin seems to be a resurrected model from the early 20th century that has been brought up to the current millennium as part of the Maybach series from Mercedes-Benz. This ride is beyond fancy: certain models of the Maybach Zeppelin feature options such as wine flutes and in-car perfume dispensers. But it isn't all bells and whistles: this baby's souped-up engine goes from 0 to 60 in five seconds. And you can get all this for a measly $500-600,000 from your Mercedes dealer. Hey, it's only pocket change for these NFL guys, right?