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General Motors

Maven Reserve offers long-term vehicle access with a personal touch

The new scheme also includes insurance and $100 worth of gas.

Maven's car-sharing scheme expands once again with the addition of a new service, Maven Reserve.

Reserve is built with longer rentals in mind, not just your occasional trip to Ikea or a family dinner a few towns over. For a monthly fee, you can choose from a wide range of GM vehicles for hourly, daily and 28-day rentals. Insurance and $100 worth of gas are included with the rental.

Maven has also started renting out the Chevrolet Bolt EV in select markets.

General Motors

But it's more than just the car. Maven Reserve offers a more personal experience, with a dedicated parking space for the length of the reservation. You'll also be given a personalized walkthrough of the vehicle, so you'll able to take advantage of the tech inside the car.

Right now, Maven Reserve is limited to two markets -- Los Angeles and San Francisco. There are plans to expand to other markets, though, but GM will probably base that decision on how well Maven Reserve works in the two pilot markets. Both markets have seen membership growths of more than 30 percent monthly since launching in 2016.

Over the last year, Maven's car-sharing platform has expanded to 17 cities in the US and Canada, including Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Nashville, New York City and Phoenix. Its two most popular vehicles are the full-size Tahoe SUV and the Volt extended-range electric vehicle.