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Maven Gig lands in Austin with 20 Chevy Bolt EVs

Now you can get your hustle on, 238 miles at a time.

It's hard to enter the gig economy without wheels to call your own. That's where Maven Gig comes in, and now it's headed to a new city.

Maven, General Motors' own car sharing service, announced today that it will launch its Maven Gig service in Austin, Texas. Maven Gig allows folks to rent a car specifically for use in the gig economy, whether that means delivering overpriced Chipotle burritos to snowbound hipsters or slapping a Lyft sticker on the windshield.

The easier it is to get a charge, the more likely folks are to make the move to EVs. It's not hard to figure out.


Maven Gig's presence in Austin will start off rather quietly -- literally. It's rolling out a 20-car fleet of Chevrolet Bolt EVs. Pricing starts at $229 per week, not including taxes, and everything is handled through Maven's mobile app, including securing a reservation and seeing which vehicles are available. The flat weekly rate includes unlimited mileage, insurance and maintenance.

Austin has been getting pretty serious about expanding the use of electric vehicles in the city. It launched Electric Drive -- a mobility hub complete with car sharing, bike sharing and EV fast charging. The EV chargers in Austin are powered entirely by local wind power, which is a nice little cherry on top.

"The city of Austin launched Electric Drive one year ago as an example of a sustainable mobility hub in the heart of downtown," said Steve Adler, mayor of Austin, in a statement. "We now have the launch of Maven's first all-electric fleet in our community as a result. Maven Gig creates more opportunities to earn a living while on a sustainable platform."

The Bolt EV is actually the most popular vehicle for Maven Gig drivers. In fact, since February of last year, Maven users have driven their Bolt EVs over 6.5 million miles, which GM believes has saved about 250,000 gallons of gas.