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Mark Zuckerberg may have built your next Ford F-150

It's very unlikely that you'll get his billions if the part he installed fails, though.

In an effort to learn more about the country he controls via social media empire, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already been around a track with Dale Earnhardt Jr., and now he's had a go at building some Ford vehicles.

Zuck's travels brought him to Michigan recently -- more specifically, the River Rouge Complex, which is where the Ford F-150 is built. In an effort to pretend he isn't a billionaire Harvard dropout for just a little bit, Zuckerberg joined some workers on the line and, judging by the pictures, he actually put his hands to work.

If your F-150's door falls off, now you know who to blame.


According to his post on that one site he created, the line workers checked his work. (I'm sure it's all fine.) How much work he actually did is anybody's guess, but one thing is for certain -- the man can rock a high-visibility vest.