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Mark Martin Wins LifeLock.com 400

Even after passing his 50th birthday, veteran NASCAR driver Mark Martin shows he can keep up with the young whipper-snappers by winning the Lifelock 400 in Chicago this past weekend.

In most sports youth is everything. Even in the world of autosports, youth seems to be a key to success. However, this past weekend auto racing veteran Mark Martin defied this notion by winning the LifeLock.com 400 race in Chicago.

Mark Martin was born in 1959 and his racing career has spanned some three decades, although he has never attained championship status. However, his victory alongside team mate Jeff Gordon at the 2009 LifeLock.com 400 marks his third victory of the season as race forerunners Jimmie Johnson and Greg Biffle ran out of fuel during the final laps of the race. This win moved Martin up two spots in NASCAR rankings and keeps him in the chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.