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Mario Andretti still prefers V12s to EVs

The racing legend joined us to talk what's next for IndyCar, and why his friend Dan Gurney "was an inspiration."

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While this year's Detroit Auto Show was not lacking for highlights, without a doubt the greatest moment for me was was getting a few moments to talk to the legendary Mario Andretti. Andretti was in town to help unveil the 2018 IndyCar, which boasts more technology from its Cosworth-sourced steering wheel and streamlined aerodynamics designed to allow cars to run more closely together.

But I couldn't help asking him about a host of other topics, including if he wants his car to drive him around ("Do you know who I am!?") and whether he prefers the torque from an electric car or the thrilling sound of a V12 (it's the latter). 

 Andretti was also kind enough to share his thoughts on the recent passing of his good friend and fellow driving god Dan Gurney. "He was an inspiration for me," Andretti said, and went on to say that Gurney could have been World Champion many times over if only he had focused on driving with top teams instead of trying to develop his own car -- not that it would have made us respect the man any more.

Check out the video for the full interview, and then join me in hoping that we're still able to drive Lamborghinis when we're 77.