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Man allegedly steals Ferrari, which promptly runs out of gas

Maybe he should find a new racket.

If you're going to steal a Ferrari, the 488 GTB would be the one to take. 
San Rafael police department

If you're going to steal a car -- especially a Ferrari -- you'd better have enough gas for the getaway. 

That seems like a no-brainer, but that's the lesson a Georgia man received when the Ferrari 488 GTB he allegedly stole from a northern California service center ran out of gas, CBS reports.

The man identified as Rocky Jimenez, 36, was reported to police in San Rafael, California when he was seen begging strangers for gas money for his sweet new ride.

Jimenez told officers that the car was his and it had been in service for the past two years, and that he had documentation to prove his ownership of the supercar. A subsequent search turned up the keys to two Ferraris, but no papers backing up his claims. A call to the San Rafael service center confirmed the car had been stolen.

Local cops arrested Jimenez on Sunday for vehicle theft, possession of a controlled substance and possession of stolen property, San Rafael PD said in a statement.

Tim Stevens, Roadshow's editor-in-chief, reviewed 488 GTB last year, and he called it one of the best driving experiences on the planet. If you had to steal one, then good choice. We hope it was worth it.