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Makin' holes and installing car stereo grounds

Here's a practical demonstration of running zero-gauge wire from the front end to the back end for the installation of your car stereo amplifier.

Wednesday's video was a basic overview of how to wire up an amplifier to your car stereo system. Well, today's clip is a practical demonstration of grinding grounds, soldering the terminals, and running the power cable from the front end of the car all the way to the back.

To run the wire from the front of the car where your alternator and battery are, you'll need to find or make a hole big enough for your wire to make it into the interior of the vehicle. (Don't worry, the narrator describes where to look for holes or how to make them). How big the hole needs to be depends on what gauge of wire you're using--in this case, it's zero gauge, and you'd better hope your car has premade holes big enough or else you're gonna have to cut one out yourself. It's ideal if you can run your wire under your interior carpeting on the way to the back of the car where an amp is typically installed.

At 1:00 you'll see how the wire is run under the car and ready for grounding. The narrator describes how he made the holes with his tools and shows how to drill out the holes for maximum cleanup. The narrator also suggests putting hosing on top of the wiring as it runs in and out of any holes created--this protects your wiring from damage. And then it's time to fire the iron up to solder the zero-gauge ground! Fire makes everything more fun, right? Oh, and be sure to stay tuned til the end when the narrator gets an unpleasant surprise from his long day of work.