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Magnus Walker's got Porsche 911 Turbo fever

Legendary Porsche collector and modifier, Magnus Walker, has developed a new obsession. He's turned to the turbo side of the force and is on the hunt for pristine 930-type 911 Turbos.

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In 1977, Magnus Walker was 10 years old. At that tender age he fell in love with the cars falling through Porsche's factory gates and a lifelong obsession began.

We've met Magnus before, he spoke to us about his beautiful Irish Green 911 and showed just what passion and hard work can do for someone. His collection was limited to pre-US bumper cars until recently, when he decided to try and pick up a 930 Turbo from 1975, 1976 and 1977. He's started pretty strong, if we're honest. He's found three cars from 1976 and one from 1977. The 1977 car is a rare find -- few were made, around 240 -- and they were known for being a touch lairy, so that initial number has been depleted considerably.

Walker's other 911s tend to be rev happy, short geared and a good giggle, but the 930s are longer geared and, as a result, quite hairy. First, will see you hitting 50 mph, second will get you to 90 mph, third will manage 120 mph, and fourth will do 'the rest,' apparently.

Then there's Walker's boost issue. He says you have to work hard to keep the boost ticking over, but when it's on the boil it's not going to go away. At all. Overtaking can get a touch worrisome as a result.

Each of his cars has a story. His silver '76 was apparently the first in the US and was ordered by one Robert Redford. He didn't take delivery, though.

His '77 car is a bit of a mystery machine. Its colour, Walker believes, is a custom order, as is its green and tartan interior. Walker has chosen to keep it completely stock, too, down to the folded 1977 dollar bill found in the ash tray. Despite the fact that the car had hardly moved in years when he bought it, the car worked pretty much straight away without issue. Maybe it was meant to be?

Walker's collection, though in its embryonic stages, is proving once again to be enviable. Is he lucky? Is he mad? He's both. And he's awesome.