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Magnus Walker's 1966 Irish Green Porsche 911: We caught up with the Urban Outlaw

Magnus Walker is a passionate man. He's worked hard to get to where he is and is now able to indulge his passion for Porsches. We spoke to him about his 1966 Irish Green 911.

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"Driving Porsches is freedom....I'm one of those guys who likes freedom."

Magnus Walker's collection of Porsche 911s is well known. He takes 911s and adds his own touches to them to create something that is truly his.

His Irish Green '66 911, though, is largely untouched. It now sits on wider wheels, it's running different carbs, and its seats are different from before, but everything else is standard. For Walker, it's basically stock.

His passion for this car is unbridled. The carpets are worn, its wheel has been held by many hands for 47 years, and, in all honesty, it's a bit tatty. That's part of the charm for Walker. He loves the challenge it provides -- you have to work hard to get the most out of its 47 years. Some horses may have escaped the pen since it was box fresh, and the brakes may not be all that, but Walker still drives it with enthusiasm. It weaves, ducks, and dodges unlike any of his other cars.

Like all of his cars, there's a story associated with the Irish Green. The car was in Seattle, and Walker had to fly up and view it. Beginning the day in his race car in sunny Burbank, Calif., and finding himself in rainy Seattle set the scene for the start of something special. Driving around in the rain, Walker began to bond with it and so added it to his collection. "The thrill of the Porsche starts with the chase," says Walker.

While many other cars in his collection will be tinkered with and modified, the Irish Green car will remain worn in and unmolested. Walker likens driving this particular car to being the closest you can get to stepping back to 1966, and we can't blame him for wanting to do that as often as possible.