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Magna Steyr to start BMW Z4 production in Graz this year

That's the same place the Mercedes G-Class is assembled.

BMW Z4 M40i prototype
Production of the new Z4 is scheduled to start by the end of this year.

Production of the new BMW Z4 is scheduled to begin before the end of this year at Magna Steyr's facility in Graz, Austria. A contract assembler, Magna Steyr, already builds the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Jaguar I-Pace and E-Pace and BMW 5 Series at its Graz plant.

BMW has not been quiet about the fact that the new Z4 is on the way, showing us a camouflaged prototype of the roadster being put through its paces on a test track in France. While other models are also likely to be offered, the prototype was the Z4 M40i, and packed a turbocharged inline-six engine, M Sport brakes, adaptive suspension and an electronically controlled differential. BMW had previously given us a hint as to the Z4's styling direction when a concept was shown last August in Pebble Beach.

What we're waiting to find out is whether the Toyota Supra will also be assembled in Graz. It is, after all, being co-developed with the Z4. We're still waiting on more details about the reborn Supra from Toyota; so far the closest we've gotten is the Gazoo Racing concept from the Geneva Motor Show. But given that the two cars are built on the same platform and were developed side-by-side, we wouldn't be surprised to learn that Magna Steyr will also build the Supra.

BMW and Magna Steyr first established a relationship in 2001, with the latter building the X3 from 2003 for several years. Today, 5 Series production there complements the car's primary production facility in Dingolfing, Germany.

As to specific timing of the BMW Z4, the automaker has said it'll be on the road "soon," and Magna Steyr says production will start at the end of this year.