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Magellan Maestro 4700 unveiled with new look

Magellan Maestro 4700 Boasts a New Design with a 4.7-inch Display, Voice Command, Bluetooth, and Highway Lane Assist.

Maestro 4700 displaying 3d landmark
The Maestro 4700 features 3D landmarks, such as this baseball stadium. Magellan GPS

Magellan has recently unveiled its newest model, the Magellan Maestro 4700 GPS device. This new unit features an updated aesthetic, a slim profile, and a 4.7-inch wide-format, color touch screen.

You can talk to the Maestro 4700 using its voice command feature; and it will talk back with its text-to-speech capability, using proper street and POI names.

A Predictive Traffic feature works similarly to TomTom's IQ Routes by analyzing past traffic patterns to predict and avoid known trouble spots. However, it looks like the Maestro 4700 does not receive live traffic updates.

The Maestro features Magellan's OneTouch user interface, with which you can store your most commonly accessed searches and destinations. In this new device, the number of available bookmarks is bumped up to 12. Bluetooth hands-free calling features a 1,000 number internal phone book and noise-canceling microphone.

Maestro 4700 displaying AAA info
The Maestro comes preloaded with AAA's TourBook guide, with detailed information about destinations. Magellan GPS

In addition to Magellan's standard POI database, the Maestro is also preloaded with the AAA TourBook guide. When you search for a destination, the Maestro checks both lists and displays them in separate tabs.

Other new features include an updated interface with larger fonts, 3D landmarks to help visually oriented drivers to navigate, and a Pedestrian mode with a "Find Your Car" feature that remembers the location of your car in parking lots, airports, malls, universities, amusement parks, or stadiums.

The Magellan Maestro 4700 ships at an MSRP of $299.99 with a windshield mounted cradle, 12-volt charger, and other accessories.