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Macca from heaven: McLaren is selling a minty-fresh F1

With less than 2,800 miles on the odometer, McLaren F1 chassis No. 069 is prepped and ready to win a Concours d'Elegance near you.

McLaren F1 Chassis #069

It's not every day that an automaker restores one of its former cars to factory condition and sells it off to some well-heeled buyer that may or may not mothball it until it can be sold for twice the original value. But today is one of those days, and McLaren's certainly outdone itself with the vehicle on offer.

The car in question, McLaren F1 chassis No. 069, is being sold by McLaren Special Operations on behalf of a private owner. The car features just 2,800 miles on its 627-horsepower V-12 engine (nestled in a gold-wrapped engine bay, as all F1 engines are), and it sports a black exterior with an equally dark interior, although some red leather is thrown in for a splash of color.

I can't tell you the actual asking price, because it's contingent on application, and this is just a hair outside my pocketbook's reach. That said, an LM-upgraded F1 sold in Monterey for $13.75 million last year, and that car had higher mileage, so it's not out of the realm of possibility for No. 069 to sell for more than that.

But you don't just get the car for that ridiculous sum of money! You'll also receive fitted luggage, a titanium toolkit with toolbox, all of its books and a limited-edition owner's watch. Does that extra bit of kit get you off the fence? If so, you'd best ring McLaren on the double, as this car is likely to sell fast.