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Lynk & Co teases "the most connected car to date"

A car designed for the sharing economy.


Lynk & Co might sound like a watch manufacturer, but it's actually a car company. And based on the teaser it just released, it's going to have to live up to some lofty expectations.

Lynk gave out its most revealing teaser to date in a blog post on TicTail, a site that I didn't know existed until about 15 minutes ago. The teaser contains some big promises, like the idea that its new car will be "the most connected car to date," and that the automaker as a whole "will evolve in the hands of its users and push the limits of the car industry." From the images in the post, its first car will be a crossover or hatchback of some sort.

Vague platitudes aside, Lynk, which is being launched by Volvo parent company Geely on October 20, did reveal a bit more information about its business model. It will be a sharing-based automaker. The sharing economy is picking up momentum, as urban denizens may only need a car for short periods of time, which is reflected in the successes of programs such as ReachNow.

Lynk & Co promises the car will be built on an open platform, and it's the result of partnerships with "world-leading" tech companies. The remainder of the blog post is quotes from Lynk employees, trash talking the traditionally conservative car industry and saying how Lynk will do it better from the outset.

Whether or not that tree will bear fruit is anybody's guess. But we'll have a much better idea of this still-mysterious automaker when it pulls back that red sheet on October 20.