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Lynk & Co teases 02 crossover before March 26 debut

It doesn't look much different from the 01 that debuted last year.

Lynk & Co

When it comes to both cars and ideas, starting big and getting smaller seems to be the wise way to do it. That's how Lynk & Co is doing it, at least.

Lynk & Co, an automaker under the Geely umbrella that also includes Volvo and now Lotus, has unveiled a series of teaser images for its upcoming 02 SUV, which will debut on March 26 in Amsterdam. The teasers show a style very similar to the Lynk & Co 01, a larger SUV that debuted last year at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Lynk & Co seems to have a pretty straightforward design language, best described as "Don't look like a Volvo."

Lynk & Co

The 02 rides on the same Volvo CMA platform that underpins the Lynk & Co 01, in addition to the Volvo XC40 and the 03 sedan that is planned to follow the 02. CarScoops claims that the 02 will use a 177-horsepower I3 and a 190-hp I4 as its primary engine offerings, with EV and PHEV variants arriving later on.

It's likely that the Lynk & Co 02 will be available under a subscription program similar to the 01's. Think of it as another version of the Care by Volvo subscription system, where a single monthly price covers the car, maintenance, insurance -- everything other than gas, really.

The Lynk & Co 02 should hit the Chinese market some time in 2019, the same year that the US and Europe will get their first cracks at the larger 01.

Lynk & Co's taillight design is pretty neat and not really like anything else on sale today.

Lynk & Co