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Lyft Rewards launches in December, will grant perks to power users

It's pretty straightforward: The more you ride, the more perks you get.

In an email, a Lyft spokesperson didn't offer any more information about the program's perks, saying only that more information would be available after Lyft Rewards launches in December.


Frequent-flyer programs have been wildly popular for decades, yet the idea of honoring a service's biggest users hasn't really been adopted by the latest mobility providers. That changes this December.

Lyft on Monday announced the introduction of Lyft Rewards. Launching in December, Lyft Rewards will grant perks to users who take advantage of its ride-hailing service. Lyft riders will be able to see their Lyft Rewards progress in the app.

Lyft didn't divulge too many details about the rewards themselves. For now, it's mentioned that the rewards include upgrades to the fancier vehicles of Lyft Lux, as well as savings on future rides. The company also mentioned that other perks might be in the works, including rides with more experienced drivers and double-points days, but it didn't offer any timeline for this, saying merely that the program will be made "better over time."

The rewards program will launch in limited markets this December, and the company said it hopes to widen the availability in the coming year. In the meantime, Lyft riders in those markets will receive emails and notification about the program's launch.

This is the next step in a long line of new offerings Lyft has extended to its users. Recently Lyft launched a monthly subscription plan that includes 30 free rides under $15 and discounts on longer trips. The company also partnered with Delta last year to let folks earn Delta SkyMiles when taking rides with Lyft. Uber, Lyft's chief competitor, doesn't have a rewards program, but it does have its own credit card and its own monthly subscription service, too.