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Lyft offering 30-ride subscription plan for $299 per month

Hopefully they're short rides, or you'll end up paying more than the monthly rate.

As with everything in life, make sure you read all the fine print before signing up.
Sarah Tew/CNET

It doesn't matter if it's a video game or a car -- people sure do love subscribing to stuff in 2018. Now, you can subscribe to Lyft, too.

Lyft announced Tuesday that it will roll out a new All-Access Plan. Available to everyone in the US by the end of the week, Lyft's All-Access Plan lets you plunk down a chunk of change each month for access to "free" rides.

However, make sure to read the fine print before you drop $299 on this subscription. The program offers 30 "free" rides each month -- take any more than that, and you'll have to pay for them, albeit with a 5 percent discount. The rides are also capped at a value of $15 -- take a ride that costs more than $15, and you'll have to pay the difference. All ride types are supported, but there is no rollover, so if you don't use all 30 in a single month, the remainder will disappear.

If you frequently take short hops across town and don't mind giving up the freedom of a personal vehicle, Lyft's All-Access Plan could make solid financial sense, given the high costs of purchasing, maintaining and insuring a vehicle. And if you max out its offerings (30 rides, $15 each), you'll save $150 as opposed to taking each ride like normal. But if you frequently travel long distances or require even more access to a car than the subscription program provides, it might be smarter to avoid it.

Lyft first started testing its All-Access Pass in late 2017. Aimed at high-frequency users, it offered multiple tiers costing between $199 and $399 per month, depending on the number of rides required.