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Luxury limo stretches the image of Hyundai

Automotive News reports on Hyundai's plans to launch a limo.


Automotive News

Its name once synonymous with cheap cars, Hyundai continues to strive for its luxury credentials. Now the Korean brand is taking aim at Mercedes-Benz and BMW with a stretched version of the Equus, its luxury flagship.

To create its limousine, Hyundai extended the Equus sedan's wheelbase 11.8 inches to about 132 inches--longer than stretched-wheelbase versions of the Mercedes S-class and BMW 7-series sedans.

The Equus Limousine is on sale in South Korea at prices ranging from about $113,700 to $123,100. That's right: almost a buck and a quarter for a Hyundai.

Hyundai Equus
The Hyundai Equus Limousine outstretches a Mercedes and a BMW. Automotive News

Orders are being taken, even though no production date has been announced for the limousine. But three bulletproof models have been built for service at South Korea's presidential palace.

The Equus shares a rear-drive platform with the Hyundai Genesis sedan. U.S. sales of the nonstretched version of the Equus begin late next year, with an expected sticker price under $60,000. Hyundai Motor America won't comment on possible U.S. sales of the Equus Limousine.

(Source: Automotive News)