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Luxe will now charge your Tesla while you traipse around town

The remote-valet startup is running a new pilot program catering to Tesla owners in New York and San Francisco.


If you can't be bothered wasting time finding parking, Luxe's unique approach to valeting might be right up your alley. If you also happen to own a Tesla and live in either New York or San Francisco, the company won't just park for you, it'll charge the car as well.

Whereas individual businesses might hire any number of traditional valet companies, Luxe is attempting to spread a single valet company across an entire city. After downloading its app and setting an arrival time in one of Luxe's covered locations, the company will send a valet to pick your car up and store it while you're off doing whatever. Then, when you're getting ready to depart, hop back into the app and arrange for a vehicle drop-off.

If you entrusted Luxe with your Tesla, you can request for the company to charge it while it's being stored. You can both pick up and drop off your vehicle anywhere in Luxe's coverage zone, and it'll have you, er, covered. If one glass of wine becomes six, you can request overnight storage or even a drive home in your own car.

There are a few requirements, however. First, Tesla charging requires a minimum five-hour park time. Daytime rates in both cities start between $7 and $10 per hour with a ceiling of three times that amount. Charging is an extra $15, but you can buy a pack of five future charges for $65 if you use the app frequently.

If you're completely sold on the service, Luxe also offers subscription packages, but they sure aren't cheap. At the bare minimum, expect to spend $499 per month in New York and $399 per month in San Francisco. If you want unlimited everything -- parking, charging, in-and-out privileges, the lot -- the price jumps to $899 per month in New York and $449 per month in San Fran.