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Lucid Motors drifts through the snow in its 1,000-hp Air EV

It turns out there is, in fact, a job that's more fun than this one.

Cold weather can do a number on an electric car's battery, which is why Lucid Motors trekked out to Minnesota with its new EV.

Lucid's latest blog post talks about its recent trip to Minnesota for cold-weather testing, where temperatures dipped as low as -18 degrees Fahrenheit. But the cold wasn't the only reason Lucid took its Air sedan out there -- it wanted to get all drifty in the snow, too.

"Much of our time in Minnesota was focused on braking systems and vehicle dynamics," the blog post states. The company worked on its antilock brakes, traction control and stability control. And with 1,000 horsepower on tap, there's no shortage of traction-loss events.