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Lucid electric SUV prototype possibly spotted with production Air sedan

One Twitter user happened to be in the right place at the right time to snap pictures of the electric vehicles.

Lucid has big plans.

Electric vehicle startup Lucid has already confirmed it plans to bring an SUV to production, and just last week CEO Peter Rawlinson went as far as confirming it has a working prototype.

Well, it looks like a lucky Twitter user possibly snapped photos of the electric SUV prototype. User Coast Redwoods on Twitter published photos of what definitely looks like an SUV prototype parked in front of what's almost certainly the production Lucid Air. The SUV also wears some very Lucid-looking design cues, and we might be able to make out the "Lucid" script on the rear of the SUV. It also looks like there are a couple of Teslas on site for whatever business was going on at this scene.

Lucid didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on the photos.

It doesn't seem too shocking, though, that the SUV's apparently been caught out and about. When confirming its existence, Rawlinson said the model will share the Air's platform and hinted we could see the firm's next electric car at the Air sedan's debut. Reminder, the electric sedan debuts pretty soon, on Sept. 9. And the utility vehicle should be just as efficient as the sedan -- which boasts an independently verified 517 miles of range.

If this is a precursor to the next Lucid vehicle, it'll be just another step in the startup company's grand plans to build 1 million electric cars per year by 2027. The company's upcoming Arizona-based factory will be mighty busy, should the prediction come true.

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