Lucid Air electric sedan begins production as company touts growing preorders

The first Airs rolled off the assembly line in Arizona on Tuesday as Lucid gears up to launch its first EV.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
Lucid Air production

That's what you want to see: cars being built.


Lucid's dream is becoming a reality. On Tuesday, the automaker sent its first production cars off the assembly line and on their way for final inspection before customer deliveries. It marks yet another milestone for the young company that nearly ceased to exist just a few years ago. Today, the company said it has 13,000 preorders for its sedan.

Production kickoff follows the EPA validating the company's Air Dream Edition for a whopping 520 miles of range; Lucid championed this internal range rating for a while, but with the feds signing off on the estimate, it gives the company a lot of firepower to potentially peel off Tesla owners. In addition, before production cars began leaving the line, Lucid received final approval for all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. With all of that said, Lucid's ready to build and sell cars in the US.

Lucid will work on ramping up production of the Air for the next couple of years, but it won't remain idle otherwise. Plans to bring the firm's Gravity SUV concept to production are underway, and Lucid hopes to see it roll down the line in 2023. In the here and now, the first customers will receive their Air sedans starting next month.

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