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Low-cost HD radios from Sony, Dual kick off the new car-tech season

Low-cost HD radios from Sony, Dual kick off the new car-tech season

The Sony CDX-GT520 Sony

HD Radio looks set to be the key feature for car-stereo makers this season. This week, Sony unveiled two budget stereo head units with HD Radio compatibility. The top-of-the-line Sony CDX-GT520 ($140) and entry-level CDX-GT320 ($100) are both HD Radio-ready, but require the addition of the Sony's clunky XT-100HD HD radio tuners module ($100) to pick up HD channels. Both systems can also be used to play satellite radio and iPods (via additional modules) and generic media players through their as-standard auxiliary-input jacks.

The Dual XHD6425 Dual

Meanwhile, Dual is launching its own bid for the aftermarket HD Radio crowd with the launch of two sub-$150 car stereos that come with built-in HD Radio compatibility. In addition to its as-standard HD radio tuner, the Dual XHD6425 comes with a front-panel mounted USB port for digital music playback and can be used for Bluetooth hands-free calling using an add-on module. Both the XHD6425 and the non-USB enabled XHD6420 are on sale now, according to Dual.