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Love Hertz: Rental giant hooks up with Lyft, Uber

Hertz will give both companies access to rental cars for their drivers.


Maybe now, the cost to upgrade from compact to mid-size won't be equivalent to a whole human kidney.

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The first time a company gets you an exclusive deal, you feel powerful. Like you're in some secret club. Lyft and Uber drivers will certainly be feeling that, now that rental-car company Hertz has agreed to hook them up.

In two separate press releases, Hertz announced it's entering deals with both Uber and Lyft. Drivers will receive special, set rates on Hertz rental cars at non-airport locations. The cars can be used for both ridesharing business and pleasure. So even if you're on vacation, you can make a little bar money on the side. Or you can just enjoy a vacation with a less expensive rental car.

While this is the first time Uber and Hertz have got together, Lyft's worked with the rental giant before. Before these partnerships, the two companies collaborated on a pilot program, which offered the same deal to drivers, but just in Las Vegas and Denver. The pilot is extending to San Francisco and Los Angeles ahead of the full program rollout.

"Utilizing cars that are rotating out of our consumer rental fleet creates a model that works for Hertz and for Lyft drivers by providing them with well-maintained, good condition cars," said John Tague, CEO of Hertz, in a statement.

Now, the next time you slide into a Lyft or Uber, you might notice that you're hopping into a rental car. If anything, that should make you comfortable about reaching your destination in time -- as the adage goes, there's no faster car on Earth than a rental car.