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Lotus Scura goes 'Stealth' at Tokyo Motor Show

Lotus recently unveiled perhaps the most evil-looking car ever at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show--the newest edition of its Scura is likely to scare ya. Get a closer look in this Inside Line video.


Yesterday I posted up a clip produced by Edmunds.com's Inside Line series that ran down bite-size highlights of a few of the new cars being paraded at the still-in-effect Tokyo Auto Show. Of course, there are many more vehicles making their debuts at this automotive fest, including this sports car--it's the newest edition of the bad-ass Lotus Scura. And ladies and gentlemen, this may be the most intimidating Scura ever produced.

Check it out--matte black paint, black stripes, black wheels--it screams darkness and evil; the headlights even seem to stare at you with a sinister gaze. The Stealth is not gonna be a soccer mom fave, but it'll definitely appease the inner goth in you as your push over 150 mph while blasting your favorite metal album (I'd recommend some Slayer or Marduk myself). This new Scura will be known as "Stealth" in some markets and "Exige" in other countries...not that many countries will even get to see this Scura as it's been reported that its production numbers will be extremely minute. Do I even need to tell you how expensive this studmobile is gonna be? Lotus dealers be on the lookout...Batman's gonna be making a trade-in when this baby comes out.