Looking back: Chevy Volt at Paris Motor Show

Csaba Csere from Car and Driver describes the aerodynamic design (and a few other things) on the 2011 Chevy Volt as seen at the 2008 Paris Auto Show.

Gary Spencer

In yesterday's video blog, we looked inside and out at a production version of the Chevrolet Volt electric hybrid that's set to hit the streets later this year. Car and Driver that clip in late 2009 on location in the parking lot of Dodger's Stadium; however, Chevy assembled and presented at least a few other prototypes before finally coming up with the production-ready Volt you may have seen images of. Today, we're showing you one of the other Volt prototypes that Chevy showed at the Paris Motor Show in late 2008.

Chevy displays a prototype of it's Volt electric hybrid
at the Paris Motor Show in 2009. (Credit: Car and Driver)

Sure, the car doesn't appear that different from what we saw yesterday in Motor Trend's video clip; however, there are some subtle refinements. Those refinements are not why I thought this video was worthy of today's blog. In today's video, Csaba Csere does a great job of detailing how the electric motor operates in conjunction with the gas engine and how important an aerodynamic body design is to maximizing mileage without the use of gasoline. Also, his final notes on how important it is for Chevy to establish a balanced price for the ground breaking technology within to make it appealing to a buyer's pocket book is definitely something to think about it if you're considering purchasing this hybrid when it's released later this year.