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Look on my VW TDIs, ye mighty, and despair

In case you're wondering how many VW diesels are being stored at the Pontiac Silverdome, the answer is "a whole lot."


Volkswagen is in the process of buying back hundreds of thousands of dirty diesels, and it's storing many of them at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan. And judging by this new drone footage, "many" doesn't even accurately represent the scale.

There are several centers of this kind around the country, as Volkswagen must house its repurchased diesel vehicles somewhere while it figures out the next step, whether it's sending them to the crusher or another country with less stringent emissions requirements.

The footage above makes it look like there's a Detroit Lions game happening in a few hours, even though the Lions haven't called the Silverdome home since 2001. Those cars may not call it home for much longer, either, as the Silverdome is set to be demolished later this year.

Volkswagen agreed to a $15 billion settlement in the US, including buybacks, after it admitted to willfully deceiving regulators for years. The company used hidden software to cheat diesel emissions tests. Millions of vehicles around the world are affected, so what you see here is only a small slice of a very large pie.

(Hat tip to Jalopnik!)