Longest Uber drive ever takes fare from Virginia to Brooklyn

The driver only ended up averaging about $9 per hour for the trip, though.

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Andrew Krok
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I've always joked with Uber drivers about taking insanely long trips, but one driver actually did it, hauling a fare some 400-ish miles from Virginia to New York City.

Janis Rogers took a rider from a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop in Williamsburg to an apartment in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn, the New York Post reports. It's believed that the 397-mile trip, which took nearly 8 hours to complete, was the longest Uber ride in the company's short history.

The 64-year-old driver picked up a fare who wanted to travel to her boyfriend's apartment up the East Coast. That woman ended up paying $294 for the trip, which the Post says is about one-fourth the cost of a regular New York City cab. Rogers made the trip up to Brooklyn and promptly drove home.

"[The trip] was not lucrative," Rogers told the Post. "I did it because it was an adventure." After spending nearly 16 hours behind the wheel and an additional $32 on gas and tolls, Rogers cleared approximately $9 per hour.

Prior to this trip, it's believed that the longest Uber ride went to Joe Strandell, who ferried a woman 320 miles from Santa Barbara to Palo Alto in California in 2014. Rogers' trip to Brooklyn is now the record holder, according to the ride-sharing blog The Rideshare Guy. I hope she brought some snacks.