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LoJack unveils self-powered vehicle recovery system

LoJack announces the next generation of self-powered stolen vehicle recovery system. The self-powered Stolen Vehicle Recovery System does not draw any power from a vehicle's battery or electrical system.

LoJack this week introduced its next-generation Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. LoJack is known for its speedy auto recovery services. The Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is a tiny transmitter hidden within the vehicle and emits a radio frequency signal when activated.

Paul McMahon, a LoJack spokesman, said the new self-powered system runs off a proprietary 10-year battery. The system does not draw power from a vehicle's battery or electrical system, which makes it suited for hybrid, electric cars, and collector cars. "Hybrid and electric cars are very battery-energy dependent, and collector cars typically have older electrical systems," McMahon said. "The system is covert technology, and without it being connected to the battery it can be hidden just about anywhere."

The new system will be available through LoJack distributors next year.