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Logitech brings Amazon Alexa voice control to your ride

Logitech's ZeroTouch car mounts now work with Amazon Alexa so you can control your smart home from the road.

Logitech's ZeroTouch car mounts now work with Amazon Alexa.
Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Logitech's existing $60 ZeroTouch air vent mounts and $80 ZeroTouch dashboard mounts (for Android only) now work with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant.

Logitech's ZeroTouch products rely on magnets to hold your phone in place and communicate with the companion ZeroTouch app via a built-in Bluetooth beacon. The idea behind the tech is to transform your phone into a truly hands-free device while you drive -- use gestures and Logitech's voice software to send and receive messages, play music and other actions.

Adding Alexa into the mix offers even more voice control opportunities, particularly with smart home devices.

"We're excited to collaborate with Logitech to bring Alexa into the vehicle," said Aaron Brown, director of Amazon Alexa. "Voice is the future, and this is particularly true in cars. The ability to use your voice to control your smart home, manage to-do lists, access Kindle content and more makes for a safer, more enjoyable driving experience. We can't wait for Logitech customers to try this out."

Logitech's Alexa integration is available now in the US and the UK through the free ZeroTouch app in the Google Play store. You'll need the most recent version of the ZeroTouch app and an Amazon account to enable this feature.

While the ZeroTouch integration is unique, Logitech isn't the first company to announce auto-related voice control integrations. Hyundai announced a partnership with Alexa competitor Google Home in January and Ford followed shortly after confirming plans to bring Amazon Alexa to its cars.

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